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Alena Analeigh Wicker Wiki – Alena Analeigh Wicker Biography

Alena Analigh Wicker is just like any other 13 year old girl who loves going to the movies, exercising, cooking and playing with friends. But unlike other young people, he just started medical school.

“I’m an average 13-year-old girl in both biology classes,” said Arena, a student at Arizona State University and Oakwood University, “I have good time management. I have the skills. Lots and I have a system.”

Alina Annali is the youngest black girl to be accepted into medical school.
A 13-year-old girl in Texas recently became the youngest student in medical school history. Alina Annalee Wicker enrolled in the class of 2024 at the University of Alabama Hersink School of Medicine in June, despite being ten years younger than the average medical student. He recently graduated and is continuing his studies in Biology at Arizona State University and Oakwood University.

“How old are you? You are not too young to do anything. Alena told the Washington Post:

She is from Fort Worth, Texas, and Alena has completed most of her education online. To encourage girls of color to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, she also founded the Brown STEM Girls Group.

“I’m showing the world that there are other girls who deserve the same time and space as me,” Alena said.

There are currently 460 Brown STEM Girl members and over 2,000 girls on the waiting list. It provides education, financial support and bonds between girls and parents.

Arina was adopted by her mother, Daphne McCarter, who recognized her daughter’s talent from a young age. The arena is talented. This is how you work and progress. Read the chapters of the book. His mother said

He was so smart as a child that his mother had to go to school to protect him from bullies and call him “smarty pants”. He went back to fifth grade, but this time he read high school textbooks. Alina said that she was “excited” and that high school was so easy that she graduated at the age of 12.

After Clayton Turner, director of NASA’s Langley Research Center, read an article about Alina talking about her dream job at NASA, he decided to hire her. Still undecided about whether to go into engineering, Alina made history last summer when she became NASA’s youngest employee. Turner said, “Alena is one of those rare geniuses. Within her is a desire to help others, a desire to uplift others.”

Turner also helped present her diploma on stage at Alena’s graduation ceremony.
Alena told Ebony magazine that after dropping out of engineering after one semester, she went to Jordan with Brown STEM Girl, who encouraged her to pursue medical school.

“I actually studied engineering until I said that’s not where I want to go. I think disease prevention comes from volunteering and wanting to connect to the world,” Alena said. “What I want from health care is to really show underserved communities that they can find and help cure these diseases,” he added.

In an interview with the Washington Post, he realized that studying biology was good for him in just one lesson. “I don’t waste my time. I dropped out of class and changed majors. When I took my first biology class, I knew I had to,” she said. Elaine Vanterpool, director of biology at Oakwood University, became his friend. Elena considers Venterpool a mentor and explains that she and the other mentors were important in her life.

“She’s very smart. I really like dynamism and determination. She worked. She’s not as lucky as she thinks,” Venterpool said of Alina.
Arena told The Washington Post that it will focus on disease prevention and strive to improve access to health care for today’s underprivileged people. He was accepted into the Hirsink School of Medicine’s Early Assurance Program. Known for its hard work and early access options, it is open to treatment seekers.

He will complete his studies in the spring of 2024 and enter medicine in the fall of the following year. This 18 year old wants to be a doctor.

He praised his mother for her efforts in an Instagram post. “A black girl was adopted by Fontana California. I have worked hard to achieve my goals and make my dreams come true. Mom, you can do it, I couldn’t do it without you. ”

Alena is a great lover of Legos and often shares her creations on Instagram. He also enjoys singing, cooking, playing football, visiting halls with friends and watching movies. There are many names, but Alina says that thinking is the key to success. “I have good time management skills and am well trained.”

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