How to Read WhatsApp Chat in your Mobile

Read WhatsApp ChatĀ 

In party you have to install whatsapp after installation you can open whatsapp and write there by number then you have to enter the number you want whatsapp on .. after that on your sim A code will appear on the number, you have to enter it. Code on the right

If you then continue with WhatsApp, the WhatsApp code will be taken into account. So you have to write your name in the footer, you want to write the title of your choice. And you can set the profile picture as you like or you want to set the camera as someone else’s.

You have to click on camera, go to gallery and select your desired photo from there and your profile picture will be displayed. And if you want to hide your last scene and if you don’t want people with wrong number to see your profile. After that you have to click on 3 dots Go to Settings Go to Account Go to Privacy All my contacts None You have to click on None if you don’t want anyone to see you last time you were online You were offline.

Click on the last scene, there will be 3 options. After clicking on your profile picture, you will again see 3 options All My Contacts None. If you only want to see people saved with your profile picture, click My Contacts. Then click on About You. Again you are shown 3 options. Again, click on My Contacts. Then all my contacts will come and no one will come after you. Then another option for your read receipts will appear.

How to Read WhatsApp MessagesĀ 

And if you want someone to text you and you read their message or see their message or see their status and if they don’t know then turn off the option. If you don’t want him to know you saw his message, click first and you’ll get four options. Then you will find the option below Default Message Timer, you need to click on it.

And if you want your messages to be deleted continuously, you can do 24 hours, if you want to delete them after 7 days, you can take 7 days. 24 Hours 7 Days 90 Days On and Off If you want your messages to be deleted after 90 days, click 90 Days. So you have to disable it and your posts will not be deleted until you want.

And if you don’t want to delete your messages unless you do it yourself. Click on Groups 3 options will appear. All my contacts are none. Now the following groups will come. Groups from the wrong number will not come to you. You can also imprint your WhatsApp.
You have my contact no one can run your whatsapp without asking. Once activated, use the fingerprint to open WhatsApp. Now click on Fingerprint. You can answer calls even when WhatsApp is blocked.

By clicking on Fingerprint, you have the option to use Fingerprint. You have to place your fingerprint where you want to apply it. You can send voice memos to everyone. Your fingerprint will then be taken. In Object you can chat with anyone. No matter where you are, you should talk to everyone and see someone. WhatsApp is a very good app. WhatsApp is very good. So you can see them during the video call.

If you want to show them what you’re up to, you can video call them. Now you can easily make those video calls anywhere. You can make group video calls and now 8 people can video call together. So you can create family groups, you can create friend groups. You can add your video photos according to the status, you can add more video photos. And you can share photos and videos with each other. You can put anything in the state by writing your own.

You can apply any other funny state for your wish, Funny Said Interesting that you want. You can also set it as a status by writing poems etc. You can also post your live location on WhatsApp. If you have one foot somewhere and you don’t know the way, where are you? So you can submit your live location to see where you are. And you can also send very funny sad emoji emojis.

WhatsApp also has a lot of funny stickers. There are many interesting stickers. You can send GIF to anyone on WhatsApp. And if you like your status and don’t want some people to see your status then your status won’t be so you can set status privacy to your status

So you have to respect privacy. All contacts will go where you don’t want to show your status. So you have to accept my position. The state does not go to them, they cannot see your condition. Click on contacts whose status you don’t want to see.

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