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The Desk Bike Flexispot V9

Desk Bike Flexispot V9: Stay Active While You Work

The Desk Bike Flexispot V9: More of us are discovering that we are sitting at our workstations for extended lengths of time – even more so when working from home. Sedentary behaviour benefits no one. Apart from a standing desk, I determined it was past time for me to take action beyond just refusing to sit.

I discovered the Desk Bike Flexispot V9 while doing research on desk bikes. Here are my observations on how it worked for me.

Concerning the V9 Desk Bike

The bike is designed to fit under a desk, allowing you to ride while checking your emails and continuing to work. I’ve even used it to participate on a conference call. However, it may also be used while watching television or listening to music.

You may customise the desktop, which is adjustable to your preferred degree of comfort. The surface is large enough to accommodate a laptop, iPad, or book.

This desk bike resembles a regular home exercise cycle in appearance. It has a comfortable saddle seat, platform pedals, and an LCD display that displays the user’s speed, distance travelled, and calories burnt.

It is constructed entirely of plastic and has metal down tubes. You may get it in either black or white.


The bike has eight easily adjustable resistance settings. These range from low-intensity activities to a more strenuous workout. Additionally, the bike offers an adjustable seat to suit riders ranging in height from 5’1″ to 6’2.”
To begin, you may ride the FlexiSpot like you would a standard stationary exercise bike. A cup holder for a water bottle is included, which is ideal for pedalling your way through a workout.

Advantages and disadvantages

This desk bike has a lot to recommend it. To begin, the bike is simple to manoeuvre about the home owing to four caster wheels that turn 360 degrees.

Second, it’s quite straightforward to assemble, which is always a plus for me. That is because it comes fully assembled out of the box. If you get the desktop version, the attachment is a one-step process that requires no equipment.

Thirdly, it is really pleasant to sit on for lengthy periods of time. The padding of the seat ensures a comfortable ride.

Finally, it’s quiet and provides a comfortable ride. That is why it has been effortless to ride during a conference call, since no one can hear me.

Cons: The bike wobbles somewhat while you peddle, which might be bothersome if you’re typing, reading, or working. I believe it works best when on a conference call, while watching Netflix, or while looking through social media.

The Desk Bike Flexispot V9
The Desk Bike Flexispot V9

Within the Container

If you ordered the desk bike and table, you will get both.

Where to Purchase

This bike is listed on the FlexiSpot desk bike website. It is available for $299 without the desktop or $399 with the desktop. Additionally, they provide a coupon on their website for an additional $50 discount. Additionally, it is available on Amazon at the discounted price of $249.

Final Remarks

This bike is cheaply priced and is an excellent substitute for a sedentary workday. Additionally, it gives the advantage of exercising while working, so you can’t claim that you don’t have time to exercise!